At Izzat Consulting Engineers, we handle a large variety of industrial engineering projects in the Hunter, NSW and around Australia.

Our industrial engineers are concerned with finding the optimum solutions for your project. When we get involved, our engineering team is able to make your building structure far more efficient, so that you never have to lose out on production delays from safety or structural concerns.

The Izzat Consulting Engineers team never compromise on quality. Our approach is driven by practical solutions that can be constructed within budget. Keep in mind that if you partner with us early we can introduce our innovative solutions early in the process and have a greater impact on the outcomes. The Izzat team works around your business operation, not at the expense of your business.

Remedial Repairs Engineering

Sometimes a building falls into disrepair, and becomes structurally unsound and unsafe. In this instance, our consulting engineers will analyse the condition of your existing building and investigate what sort of repairs need to be made. When you take positive measures to keep your building up to code, it can significantly extend the life of your building. Our engineering consultancy has extensive expertise in this area, and we can provide you with smart, cost effective solutions for technically challenging industrial engineering jobs.


A New Approach To Industry

Because Izzat has been working with engineering projects in the industrial sector for over 20 years, we have a unique insight into how to approach individual projects. Our innovative approach to design solutions, results in value added advice that adds life to your building. Izzat takes your day to day operations into account when we execute your project. Our customer centric service model always keeps your needs firmly at the head of each new project undertaking.