About Us

Izzat Consulting Engineers is a privately owned engineering consultancy known for its different thinking that leads to smarter solutions.

Izzat, a Dockrill Family Company since 1975, has extensive experience providing innovative and cost effective solutions in some of the most technically challenging conditions throughout Australia.

Our highly experienced structural and civil engineers and CAD drafting staff manage all project aspects from detailed guidance to the consultant group and clients on construction options, active coordination, detailed design, site inspection and certification through to asset maintenance planning, forensic investigations and building repairs.


At Izzat we live our philosophy of 'Different Thinking Smarter Solutions'.

We seldom receive routine commissions, and as such we are challenged regularly to consider an alternative approach (Different Thinking) to deliver a value added result (Smarter Solutions).

This includes not only the technical solution, but also consideration to the risk profile of the project delivery, timeframe to manage the engineering process and the contracting options available.

"We solve engineering problems by using the art of engineering, justified by the science behind it".

By applying this philosophy to each of our projects, we've built a reputation as leading consultants in our fields of expertise.

izzat pillars


The Izzat Brand

The word 'Izzat' comes from the Indian sub continent – and means honour, dignity and reputation. These fundamental values have always been at the heart of our business and are the pillars we build on to guide our clients through the many decisions required to deliver a successful outcome.